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Ignition interlock device

Ignition Interlock Device

The ignition interlock device (IID) is a small breathalyzer that is installed in an automobile and linked directly to the ignition.  Drivers must blow an acceptable blood alcohol content level into the device in order for the automobile to start. To ensure the driver remains sober, every 15 minutes, the device prompts the driver to blow again. Failure to do so (or if your BAC has risen) will cause the car to stop.

Judges are progressively turning to these devices to help curb drunk driving. You do not have to be a repeat offender for a judge to order its installation. Judges are given discretion in ordering these devices for first-time offenders, but are normally required to order their installation for repeat offenders, drivers with high BAC levels, and DUI with minors in the vehicle.

Although IID’s are a step in the right direction toward curbing drunk driving, they have their problems. False positives (due to a substance like mouthwash) and device malfunctions are common.

Note that IIDs are installed at the offender’s expense. Normally there is an installation fee and a monthly rental fee.

Furthermore, IIDs record all the data that it collects. Breath tests results, number of starts and stops, any tampering, etc. are all available for later review.

We use all means at our disposal to avoid jail time and harsh penalties for our clients. If a defendant is willing to install an IID, it is sometimes helpful in building a compromise that allows us to negotiate a lighter sentence with the prosecutor.

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